CEOE Castilla y León

CEOE Castilla y León is a non-profit professional organization of a business, federative and intersectoral nature, established for the coordination, representation, management, promotion and defense of business interests in the Community.


The Confederation pursues as fundamental purposes:

  1. Promote and defend the system of private initiative and market economy.
  2. Promote and defend business unity and integration.
  3. Promote economic development, within the economic unit of Spain, as a means of achieving an increasingly fair social situation.
  4. Represent, defend and manage the general and common interests of business in society before the Administration, Autonomous Bodies and Professional Organizations.

In order to achieve the proposed goals and without ceding the powers of its member Organizations, it corresponds to the Confederation:

  1. Represent and manage in their general and common aspects, the interests entrusted to the Confederate Organizations before all instances, whether representative, management or decision-making, at the socioeconomic, cultural or political levels.
  2. Promote Professional Business Organizations, fostering their unity and solidarity.