Formative Footprint

Formative Footprint offers you an alliance to bring validity and reliability to the training you want to create.

Having up-to-date professionals and training processes allows the organization to be at the educational forefront. Rapid social and employment changes require a rapid educational response. At Formative Footprint we take into account the six keys to an effective educational design:

  • Essence: protect and align with the mission or main purpose of the organization.

  • Needs: real needs. Not the problem itself but the causes of the problem.

  • Objectives: where we want to go or get. Also, what do we want to become.

  • Method: structured and scientifically endorsed educational design.

  • Testing: Implementation of the training with the relevant reliability indicators.

  • Validation: ensure that the designed educational response directly affects the causes of the problem, thus eliminating or reducing the initially detected needs.